The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side In Every State

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Posted: November 25, 2020 at 6:07 am

It’s almost time to roll out the turkey for Thanksgiving!  With the turkey being the headliner for Thanksgiving, what is your favorite side dish for the big feast??  The website Zippa did a little research broke down the popular sides by state.  In Iowa, corn is number one.  In Minnesota and Wisconsin, mashed potatoes reign supreme.  Check out some interesting findings form Zippa‘s research.

  • Mashed potatoes are the favorite of 10 states.
  • Right behind mashed potatoes is mac n’ cheese- 7 states know that it’s not Thanksgiving without the cheesy, delicious dish.
  • While most states are reaching for the carbs, Maine is all about that side salad.
  • The south isn’t a casserole belt, but the Midwest can’t get enough – especially of green bean casserole
  • Alabama doesn’t eat stuffing, they like “dressing” AKA southern people stuffing.
  • Only New Hampshire is a big fan of cranberry sauce.
  • Biscuits. Rolls. Crescent rolls. Forget, fancy sides, just toss some rolls in the oven.
  • 47 states want their sides carby, cheesy, potato-y and delicious. Only 3 are reaching for veggies more.

What do you like with your turkey????