The Latest Scam: Fake Violinists Begging for Money

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Posted: July 28, 2022 at 10:14 am

Fake violinists are stringing you along … There’s a new trend that law enforcement is calling a nationwide problem and it involves violins, of all things. Police departments across the country are warning about very talented violinists playing in public areas and asking for money. But what’s so bad about that? Well, in many cases they’re not really playing. There have been a growing number of reports around the country of people seemingly playing the violin to a backing track next to a sign asking for donations to help out his or her family. But some skeptical sleuths have figured out that they’re not playing along to the track, they’re actually pretending to play, and the violin part is recorded. Police departments are warning generous people to be aware of these scammers and not give them any money — and especially from a mobile payment app.