The cost of owning a rooster

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Posted: May 19, 2021 at 7:30 am

A couple in Tumwater, Washington, is facing a fine of nearly $10,000 due a noise complaint about their roosters. Mike Johnson has two roosters on his two-plus-acres of property, but the city has found that since the home is in a neighborhood zoned for single-family, medium-density dwellings, it’s illegal for him to own the birds. The Johnsons got their first noise complaint in September 2020, and then in December, the city started fining them $100 a day. After 98 days, with the fine totaling $9,800, Johnson appealed the city’s ruling. A decision is expected within the next week. Johnson says his wife has a license for a nursery on the property and they consider it a
commercial farm.

I here they’re staging an uprising…calling it a chicken coup…