State Superstitions..What do you believe?

Posted: November 6, 2019 at 7:11 am

USA Today recently came out with an article called ” 50 States, 50 Superstitions:  Which do you believe?”

Check out some of the superstitions for our part of the country.

Iowa • Some people believe the Black Angel statue at Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City changed from its previous golden bronze color because of a woman’s infidelity. Among the superstitions connected with the statue: touch or kiss it and you’ll be struck dead. 

Minnesota • Miners believe that killing rats is bad luck because they are believed to be sensitive to vibrations, which may indicate a tunnel collapse. If the rats start heading for the surface, miners should do so, as well.

Wisconsin • Eating herring at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s is supposed to bring good luck.

See the full list here:  50 states, 50 superstitions.