Post Photo for RE-TIRED

Posted: June 12, 2019 at 7:41 am

I’m sure someone, somewhere will disagree, but in my experience, any time I’ve ever had a flat tire, it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time. I’m in a rush, I’m in the middle of nowhere, I’m in a sketchy neighborhood, the weather is horrendous…you know the routine. Well, here’s some positive news: The tire company Michelin says that we may be driving on airless tires by 2024…which would mean no flat tires…ever. They announced last week that “UPTIS”, their ‘unique puncture-proof tire system” goes into testing this year, and if all goes well, airless tires could be in use on passenger cars in 5 years. The tire features a “rib” design between the aluminum wheel and the outer tread. It is made of composite rubber and high-strength resin-embedded fiberglass that offers the give and durability that a vehicle tire requires. Michelin says besides the advantage of never experiencing blowouts or flat tires, airless tires would also mean we never have to carry a spare, resulting in lighter and more fuel-efficient cars on the road. There would also be an environmental benefit, as fewer tires would be scrapped as a result of blowouts, and there will be fewer emissions at the manufacturing level, because no spare or replacement tires would need to be made.

(My son has been driving around on airless tires for 2 years…on his trike!)

(Has anyone told the police that they are going to have to come up with a new idea to replace their spike belts?)

(For sale: One used tire gauge…)