New Scratch N’ Sniff Technology From Febreze

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Posted: August 24, 2021 at 9:53 am

Febreze has come up with a new way to fool your guests into thinking you actually clean house: A “scratch ‘n sniff” fabric spray. Using their “breakthrough touch-activated scent technology,” Febreze is rolling out “Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray”. As you know, with regular Febreze spray (which isn’t going anywhere), you can spray all you like, but once that ocean breeze scent dissipates, you’re left with the usual smell of wet dog and last night’s fish dinner. The new Febreze Touch supposedly stores its scent in fabrics. The idea is that you spray the couch, pillows, curtains, any soft fabric, and the fresh smell re-emerges every time they are touched. A press release from Proctor & Gamble says to “Think scratch ‘n sniff, taken to the next level”.