Little Girl Mistakes Man In Walmart For Santa

Posted: December 18, 2019 at 9:56 am

Nothing brings a smile to a child’s face more than Santa, and for 3-year old Sophie Jo Riley, her Christmas dreams came true unexpectedly at a Walmart in Hurricane, West Virginia.

Little Sophie Jo noticed a man with a white beard and a red sweater walking through the store with his cart, and decided it was Santa himself. She followed the man around the store and told her family “shhh, it’s Santa!”

After encouragement from her father, Sophie approached the man, who is actually Roger Larck. When Sophie tentatively asked, “Santa?” Mr. Larck decided to go with it and play the role of the child’s hero.

He knelt down to her level and talked to her. Sophie showed him her nails and told him there would be cookies for him on Christmas Eve, but she cautioned him that he could only have one, because the rest were for the reindeer.