Gift Giving: The Struggle Is Real

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Posted: December 1, 2021 at 10:36 am

It happens every year. You struggle to find a gift for the “person who has everything.” Well, a new survey may help. If you don’t know what to get that difficult-to-buy-for person, just get them chocolate or a gift basket. Those things are at the top of a list of the “Most Universally Accepted Holiday Gifts.” Here’s the full list:

  1. Chocolate — 58%
  2. Holiday gift baskets — 50%
  3. Gift cards — 49%
  4. Clothing accessories (hats, mittens, slippers, etc.) — 48%
  5. Socks — 42%
  6. Seasonal popcorn — 41%
  7. Pajamas — 40%
  8. Self-care items — 39%
  9. Cash — 37%
  10. Food — 35%

Speaking of struggling to buy for someone Is it time to end the “Secret Santa” exchange? The Secret Santa exchange is a staple of the holiday season … but it seems most people hate it. A new survey found that 79% of respondents say they hate the exchange because they never know what to get the person whose name they draw. 87% confessed that they have re-gifted items they’ve gotten in Secret Santa exchanges. Those surveyed also named some of the worst Secret Santa gifts they’ve received, including bars of soap, knock-off chia pets, and even random vegetables.