Fast Food Sign War In Missouri

Post Photo for Fast Food Sign War In Missouri

Posted: July 20, 2022 at 8:20 am

Mickey D’s and DQ have gone to war … Well, two restaurants in Missouri have, anyway. It started when the McDonald’s sign read, “Hey DQ wanna have a sign war?” Dairy Queen replied, “We would but we’re too busy making ice cream.” Then it was on. Mickey D’s joked, “That’s cute — our ice cream makes itself.” DQ fired back, “You mean it actually works? Shocker.” A number of other nearby businesses joined in, including a realtor whose electronic sign read, “Sign war? We’re just here for the show.” And not to be outdone, Wendy’s asked, “Arch, how long does it take to thaw frozen beef?” The real winner in all this? The Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Photo Credit:  Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce via Facebook