Erik & Kathy Chat With Louise Mandrell

Posted: October 11, 2019 at 8:08 am

Erik & Kathy had a chance to visit with 80’s hit maker and TV star Lousie Mandrell! She has a new album in stores now called “Playing Favorites”.

Here are a few details about the project.

(Nashville, TN) -There’s something magical about the musical marriage of a timeless song and a compelling voice, and nowhere is that more evident than on Louise Mandrell’s new album Playing Favorites. The 15-song collection includes her take on such well-loved country classics as “Crazy Arms,” “He Thinks I Still Care,” “You Don’t Know Me,” “Tennessee Waltz” and “Today I Started Loving You Again.” Produced by Nashville legend Buddy Cannon.

Playing Favorites is a return to the spotlight for Mandrell, who hasn’t released a new album in over 30 years. “A lot of people have asked if I’ve retired and I’d say, ‘No, I’ve been on hiatus’ because with my family if you say retired, they expect you to stay that way,” says the vivacious brunette, who became an international star working with siblings Barbara and Irlene on the television variety show “Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters.”

Longtime friend Clint Higham encouraged her to record the new album. With Playing Favorites, Mandrell brings a lifetime of experience to the project, infusing each song with a unique blend of passion and professionalism cultivated by years in the spotlight. With one listen, it is obvious her voice has retained all of its sultry warmth, and the relationship she has with these classic songs imbues the project with a soulfulness and emotional weight that resonates with listeners.

Working on this album was a labor of love for Mandrell because these songs are old friends with warm memories attached. Among the standards Mandrell puts her stamp on are the Conway Twitty classic “Hello Darlin'” and Johnny Cash’s staple “Ring of Fire.” Her friendships with both men and with other artists represented on the album make each song that much more special.

These days, Mandrell is enjoying a unique moment in her career. She’s both an established veteran with a wealth of experience and yet she also feels like a giddy new artist excited about the future. “I’m having a good time again. I’m extremely happy to be back,” she says with excitement.

Listen to the conversation below.

Hope you enjoyed the interview with Louise Mandrell! Enjoy a clip of the classic variety show Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell sisters!