Creepy Dolls in Missouri!

Posted: August 21, 2019 at 1:50 am

Jefferson County, Missouri, has a growing mystery on its hands: creepy dolls have been randomly popping up around two different towns there.

According to KTVI-TV, the realistic dolls have so far been found in Festus and Crystal City, Missouri, and nobody has a clue why.

Some of the places these dolls have popped up include at a major intersection, laying in front of the license office and even hanging on top of stop signs.

Festus Chief of Police Tim Lewis says that while this just appears to be a prankster’s idea of a joke, it could prove to be dangerous.

Chief Lewis says, “If someone thinks it’s a child, and they take steps to get that child out of traffic and they get injured, it’s not a joke anymore.”

Check out the video below….