Alligator Breaks Into Garage, Starts Chugging Diet Coke

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Posted: May 5, 2022 at 11:02 am

A thirsty alligator invaded a Naples, Florida couple’s home and seemingly gulped down a slab of Diet Coke they had stashed in their garage for a family birthday party.

Karyn Dobson and her husband Jamie were watching TV on Wednesday night when they heard what they thought was a car accident.

“The crash was so big like wicked,” Karyn, tells WINK.

“I open the garage door about a quarter way, peek my head in, and there’s the alligator,” adds Jamie. “Quickly close the door, ‘Karyn, we have an alligator in our garage,’” something the Chicago natives “really haven’t experienced before.”

The Dobsons made a quick call to Trapper Ray, who wrangled the 8-foot gator, but there was quite the mess when Ray left.

“There was Diet Coke spewing everywhere because the gator was interested tore open the box had a few cans probably thought it was beer maybe I don’t know,” said Karyn.

The couple thinks the gator got inside after taking their dog for a walk. Jamie entered the house through the garage and the door was left up. When they put it down, the gator was already inside.

The Dobsons now know to keep the garage closed, so there aren’t any more wild surprises.

As for the gator, it has been safely relocated.