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We are both natives from "up north" in Caledonia MN and now enjoy our lives in Iowa.

What We’re Talking About

  • Where do Indy Drivers…..ya know..go?

    Where do Indy Drivers…..ya know..go?

    The Indianapolis 500 is coming up this weekend and, no, you’re not the first person to ever wonder what happens if the drivers have to go to the bathroom during the race. While drivers are sick of hearing the question, …read more »
  • 2019 or 1722?

    2019 or 1722?

    If you want to party like it’s 1999, you may have to wait nearly 300 years. Experts now say that we may not be living in the year 2019, but 1722. They say that recording of historical events from the …read more »
  • New Coke making a comeback with Netflix series “Stranger Things”

    New Coke making a comeback with Netflix series “Stranger Things”

    NEW YORK (AP) — Coca-Cola drinkers will get a chance to relive one of the company’s darker chapters as New Coke makes a comeback under a partnership with the Netflix drama “Stranger Things,” the companies announced Tuesday. Season 3 of the …read more »
  • Judge won’t delay sentencing for 2015 ‘The Bachelor’ star

    Judge won’t delay sentencing for 2015 ‘The Bachelor’ star

    INDEPENDENCE, Iowa (AP) — A judge has refused to delay sentencing for a northern Iowa farmer who appeared on ABC's "The Bachelor" and who was involved in a fatal crash. Thirty-seven-year-old Chris Soules pleaded guilty Nov. 13 to a reduced …read more »

Water Cooler Questions

  • MAY 24

    When it comes to ‘dumping’ someone, more than 30% said that THIS was the real reason. What?
  • MAY 23

    61% of men have lied about liking THIS i order to fit in. What is it?
  • MAY 22

    22% of people say they knew they were getting older when THIS started happening on a regular basis.
  • MAY 21

    Having THIS increases your chances of landing a job by 10%. What is it?
  • MAY 17

    If you add THIS to your diet, you’ll burn more calories. What is it?
  • MAY 16

    Almost 5 percent of us say they’ve never washed THIS. What is it?
  • MAY 15

    The average person waits 39 days before doing THIS in front of a new partner. What is it?
  • MAY 13

    90% of us admit we do THIS, but 80% won’t do it if anyone else is around.
  • MAY 9

    A study found 1 in 4 men never do THIS.
  • May 7th

    20% of married people say THIS is what their spouses did that caused them to quit speaking to them the last time.
  • MAY 6

    11% of new parents say they have fallen asleep HERE. Where is it?
  • MAY 3

    The average guy will do THIS almost 1200 times this year, while the average woman will do it fewer than 800 times. What is it?
  • MAY 2

    50% of people think THIS could hold them back from advancing in their career. What is it?
  • MAY 1

    5% of men do THIS to impress a date? What is it?
  • APRIL 30

    Women are more likely to suffer from THIS than men.