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7AM - 10AM Monday through Friday

We are both natives from "up north" in Caledonia MN and now enjoy our lives in Iowa.

What We’re Talking About

Water Cooler Questions


    50% of people say THIS is their main form of exercise. What is it?
  • AUGUST 13

    For 14% of us, THIS only takes 15 minutes.
  • AUGUST 12

    Teens used to do THIS constantly, nowadays less than half do it everyday.
  • AUGUST 2

    1-in-10 of us would rather lose THIS than our cellphone.
  • AUGUST 1

    One in 3 wives say they wish their husband would do THIS more often. What?
  • JULY 18

    50% of workers wish their company had THIS. What is it?
  • JULY 16

    The average lifespan of THIS household item is 10 years. What is it?
  • JULY 12

    33% of people have secretly done THIS at work. What is it?
  • JULY 11

    In a survey, 87% of people said that while traveling via plane, THIS is the worst thing a fellow passenger can do What is it?
  • JULY 10

    14% of people with tattoos have THIS tattooed on their body. What is it?
  • July 9

    Just 12 percent of Americans say this is their favorite way to spend an evening. What is it?
  • JULY 8

    6% of people have broken up with someone over THIS.
  • JULY 5

    58% of dog owners know that people roll their eyes when they do THIS for their dog.
  • JULY 3

    19% of people cannot name a single one of THESE. What is it?
  • JULY 2

    Just 2% of office workers say this is their biggest office pet peeve. What is it?