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7AM - 10AM Monday through Friday

We are both natives from "up north" in Caledonia MN and now enjoy our lives in Iowa.

What We’re Talking About

  • License Plates Made From Beer Cartons

    License Plates Made From Beer Cartons

    Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, police pulled Nicholas Layton over on Friday night when they noticed his license plates didn’t match the vehicle. During the course of the stop, officers also noticed …read more »
  • Winter Storm Before Thanksgiving??

    Winter Storm Before Thanksgiving??

    A potential snowstorm could impact our area right before Thanksgiving! One scenario has it hitting our area head on, the other has it heading more Northeast.  An estimated 55 million …read more »
  • Buddy The Elf Inspired Hotel Suite

    Buddy The Elf Inspired Hotel Suite

    You can now celebrate the season like Buddy the Elf – in a new Elf-inspired hotel suite. Starting December 2nd, guests can stay in a suite at Club Wyndam Midtown 45 …read more »
  • Umpire Leaves Youth Baseball Game

    Umpire Leaves Youth Baseball Game

    This crazy video was taken this past week in Newport Beach, California.  Parents at a youth baseball game can be heard heckling the umpire.  The umpire eventually had enough as …read more »

Water Cooler Questions


    The average person says THIS three times a week. What is it?

    57% of people have THIS in their junk drawer. What is it?

    8.2% of online daters lie about THIS. What is it?

    More than half of women polled think a guy who has THIS is sexy.

    65% of women don’t trust their man to do THIS. What is it?
  • OCTOBER 30

    40% of homes that have THIS, are difficult to sell. What is it?
  • OCTOBER 29

    About 20% of us have never, ever done THIS.

    The average person does THIS 100 times a day. What is it?

    50% of people say THIS is their main form of exercise. What is it?
  • AUGUST 13

    For 14% of us, THIS only takes 15 minutes.
  • AUGUST 12

    Teens used to do THIS constantly, nowadays less than half do it everyday.
  • AUGUST 2

    1-in-10 of us would rather lose THIS than our cellphone.
  • AUGUST 1

    One in 3 wives say they wish their husband would do THIS more often. What?
  • JULY 18

    50% of workers wish their company had THIS. What is it?
  • JULY 16

    The average lifespan of THIS household item is 10 years. What is it?