Youth Mentoring Invitation to Be Inspired

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Posted: June 6, 2019

Making a difference in someone’s life is truly inspiring. It can be even more meaningful when a youth’s life is changed to head at things in a more positive way.

Isaac is eight years old. He is often late for school. Not on Tuesday’s. His mother shares, “Every Tuesday he jumps out of bed and shares that he gets to have lunch with his friend, Carl.” He beams knowing that he gets time with his mentor.

Youth Mentoring at Helping Services for Youth & Families is hosting an inspiring event called a Mentor Social on Tuesday, June 18 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at T-Bock’s Underground. Those who are considering becoming a mentor and spending a minimum of four hours per month with a youth are invited to come and enjoy appetizers and great conversation. A cash bar will be available. There will be several current mentors attending who will informally share their inspiring stories of volunteering with their youth.

One current mentor shares, “I remember being invited to this event previously and someone saying Just come for the food. I really enjoyed the no-pressure environment and got lots of my questions answered. I am so glad I came and became a mentor. I love being a friend to my youth!”

Youth Mentoring in Allamakee, Howard, and Winneshiek Counties provides an adult mentor who spends a minimum of four hours a month with a youth, ages 5–16. Currently, 44 youth are enjoying time with a mentor, and 29 youth are waiting for a mentor. For information on how you can be part of the excitement of mentoring at Helping Services, contact Kathy or Colinne at (563) 387-1720,, or online at

 Serving families since 1973, Helping Services for Youth & Families is dedicated to responding to current health and safety needs of youth and families through empowerment, support, and education.

Kathy Schwartzhoff – Mentoring Coordinator at Helping Services for Youth & Families
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